Cosmetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers)

Not 100% happy with your smile? The team at Hunter Family Dental, can use porcelain veneers to help create a natural looking smile and in certain cases, the use of veneers can provide an alternative to orthodontics. The team at Hunter Family Dental can provide advice on various treatment options when it comes to correcting minor or major discolouration, chipped teeth, making adjustments to minor tooth misalignment or uneven shaped teeth.

Veneers can be made from either porcelain or a composite resin. The former, are designed to be bonded on to the existing tooth, with each veneer being custom made to a particular tooth. The latter, is applied layer by layer to the tooth, slowly covering the existing tooth until the desired result is achieved.

If you would like to discover more and whether or not this treatment would be suitable for you, book in a consultation with the Dentists at Hunter Family Dental to discuss available treatment options.