What is an Inlay? (CAD/CAM)

When repairing a cavity, an inlay can restore your tooth in a more durable manner than a traditional filling, while also mimicking a tooth’s natural shade. An inlay is typically made of ceramic, composite resin, or a combination of both.

Your doctor uses a 3D (CAD/CAM) scanner to aid in designing the restoration. This technology makes it possible to complete your inlay in a single appointment.

During the first step, your doctor will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, leaving an area that will be replaced with the inlay. Secondly, the prepared tooth is scanned, and creation of the inlay begins right in your doctor’s office while you wait.

When the inlay is ready, your doctor will make final adjustments and bond it into place. Since it has been expertly crafted using digital fabrication, it will generally last longer than a large filling.  Once completed, your tooth is free of decay and restored to its natural strength and function.

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