What is a Cantilever Bridge?

A cantilever bridge can be an excellent choice for replacing a missing tooth. A cantilever bridge, unlike a traditional bridge, uses a tooth on one side of the restoration for support. It can be made of ceramic or composite material.  This option is typically considered in situations where the teeth are not subject to strong chewing forces and the desire is to remove as little healthy tooth structure as possible to support the bridge.

CAD/CAM technology is used to image your teeth in 3-D, which feeds into a computer to aid in designing the bridge. This makes it possible in many cases for you to complete your bridge in a single appointment.

First of all, the neighbouring tooth is prepared to make room for the bridge. It will become the support structure for your new tooth.  Secondly, the prepared tooth is scanned, and your bridge is designed by your doctor using special software. It is then either milled right in your doctor’s office or sent to a dental lab for fabrication.

When the bridge is ready, your doctor will make final adjustments and secure it into place. Once completed, your missing tooth has been replaced and the area is restored to optimal function and appearance.

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